Everyone deserves to find a home where they belong.

Our Mission Statement

Comfort CPA Care LLC is a private, non-profit agency that is committed to working with underserved children and their families. Our organization was established in 2015 to provide a clearly defined path and in-depth assistance for children and parents along the way, ensuring that children transition successfully from early childhood to adulthood.

Our Vision Statement

Comfort CPA Care LLC will operate a community-based Child Placing Agency for children and their families in Texas. Our mission is bringing resources, respect & responsibility, leadership & excellence, accountability & integrity, growth & innovation and diversity & inclusiveness to make positive changes in the lives of children.


Comfort CPA Care LLC’s model of foster care is designed to create a supportive network around the foster child and his or her family with the goal of returning the child home. Comfort CPA Care LLC foster parents become encouragers, mentors and teachers for children in care.

Program Goals

Comfort CPA Care LLC’s program goals are to:

  • Provide effective accountability with on-going training of foster parents and support staff
  • Ensure compliance with DFPS’s minimum standards and regulations
  • Ensure care and protection of children and enhance the life experiences for children entrusted to our care

Our children become part of the household and family of persons of extraordinary character and skills – foster parents. Transformation is accomplished through intentional, meaningful healing relationships that connecet us to others. Youth learn values and moral courage by interacting with and observing staff they respect and admire, and who are kind, nurturing, and caringly set limits and boundaries.

We believe each child, not withstanding their family background, physical limitations. ethnic origin or class status, is worthy of love and deserves to have a happy and sade home. We also believe that there should be a continuum of services available for families and children. This continuum starts with home based services designed to strengthen and maintain the family as a unit, moves to using the extended family as a resource then to foster care.


Our goal is to make every child feel safe. To feel happy, warm and loved. To lie in bed at night knowing nothing bad will happen, secure in the fact that a dream will no be interrupted. Not fearing that everyone knows what has happened in the past, and every foster parent feels supported in their journey to make changes in child’s life.

Agency Duties

Agency Executive Director

  • Contact Administrative and Financial Reports
  • Payroll and Foster Parent Reimbursement
  • PAPH Training
  • Supervision of Administration

Agency Administrator

  • Supervision, training, and evaluation of Case Manager
  • Orientation, training, assessment, and verification of foster families
  • Review and approval of case manager reports, services plans, corrective action plans, discharges, investigation reports, and transfers
  • Placement of children duties
  • Completion of PMET & Emergency Behavioral Intervention reports
  • Updating Agency Vacancies of DFPS Site
  • Ensuring compliance with MS and YFT requirements
  • Development and or updating agency forms/policies
  • Attendance at DFPS Provider meetings and / or meetins organized by licencing, contracts etc.
  • Assist with recruitment of new foster families

Case Manager

  • Monthly visits to foster homes and conduct interviews with children and foster parent
  • Completion of home visit reports, Intake reports, service plans, foster parent quarterly reports, and corrective action plans
  • Arrange for CANS Assessments, Psychological Evaluations, ECI, Therapy services for children in foster homes
  • Ensure goster parents complete required health, dental, TB exams within the required time frames. Follow up with providers when information not provided.
  • Communicate with DFPS Case Workers with service lans and any other reports they may request
  • Ensure foster parents are current with their training requirement and complete annual training plans
  • Ensure hot line incidents are reported within the required time frames and foster parent has taken steps to obtain treatment for the child
  • Review children’s school reports and therapy reports to ascertain issues that may need additional interventions
  • Other duties as assigned

Get in Touch

For more information about the child adoption services that we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time. You may also send us your referrals.